Established in January 2008, Autonomous Control Electronics (ACONICS) Research Group deals with control method and electronics to achieve high performed autonomous system.

The group has been on applications of embedded system for teleoperation robot, motion control with odometry, navigation with gps and inertial measurement unit. And not limited to PC interaction with openGL interface for command and visualization.


Research group in Electrical Engineering Department mainly does not have dedicated room. The research group is afiliated to laboratory. ACONICS research group mainly inherite from control laboratory. Some support facilities of ACONICS are available at control laboratory and mostly belong to principal investigator.


Since ACONICS established, the group have been familiar with embedded system not limited to AVR, MCS-51, Hitachi H8, Motorola, and soon FPGA. The experimental platform is not limited to Robot manipulator, Mobile robot, Quad rotor helicopter, Biped robot and Legged robot. Research field is not limited to motion/motor control, sensor integration, navigation, visual tracking, and knowledge based system.

Support Facilities

ACONICS Research Group

Control Laboratory

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