elektroThe Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia was established in 1964 comprising of three departments, which were Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering (DoEE). At that time, the major course of DoEE was identified into 2 specific majors, “low-current” and “high current” course. While the former was further diversified into 4 other specific majors including control engineering, electronic engineering, computer engineering and telecommunication engineering, the later changed its name to become electric power and energy studies (EPES).

Since its establishment, EPES UI has been a key institution in the country that serves excellent education in related electric power and energy fields. Supported by the industrial-oriented laboratory infrastructures and qualified lecturers and technicians, the graduates (bachelor, master and doctoral program) of EPES UI has been positioned in crucial companies or bodies such as in the national and private electricity companies, national and private oil-and-gas companies, government bodies related to electricity and energy, and some of them are the owner of emerging enterprises.

As part of dedication to the communities, EPES UI has delivered its value and expertise to the related industries including state-owned electric company (PLN), national oil company (PERTAMINA), Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM RI), Directorate General of Electricity (DJK ESDM), LG Indonesia, and  so on.

EPES UI devotes the roadmap for the advancement of science and technology in the electrical and energy fields in Indonesia particularly, and in the international level globally.