Teknik Elektro Kelas Khusus Internasional (KKI)

Teknik Elektro Kelas Khusus Internasional (KKI)

Undergraduate International Program (S1 Kelas Khusus Internasional)

We offer the undergraduate joint degree international program and the undergraduate single degree program. In the joint degree program, Students are required to complete two to three years of study at Universitas Indonesia (UI) and another one to two years at one of our partner Universities. Available partner universities for double degree programs in Electrical Engineering are: Queensland University of Technology (QUT), The University of Queensland (UQ), and The University of Duissburg Essen (UDE), Germany. Students must fulfill the following requirements to continue their study in the partner university:

  1. Minimum GPA of 3.00 at the end of the fourth semester (Australia) or sixth semester (Germany).
  2. Passed all required subjects with a minimum C.
  3. For students transferring to partner universities in Australia: Minimum IELTS score of 6.5 with no bands lower than 6.0 or TOEFL score >80 (iBT, with no bands lower than 20).
  4. For students transferring to UDE, Germany: A minimum of B1 level in Germany and TOEFL score >550 (paper based) or IELTS with a minimum overall score of 6.0 with no bands lower than 5.0.

Upon the completion of their studies in the partner university, students will be awarded a Bachelor of Engineering degree from our partner university and a Sarjana Teknik degree when they return to UI and fulfill certain requirements.

In the single degree program, students are not required to continue their study at one of our partner universities in their last four semesters. However, students in this program are required to spend at least one semester in one of the overseas partner universities, which can be found here: https://international.ui.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Data-Seluruh-Naskah-Kerjasama-JUNI-2021.pdf. Both undergraduate single degree and undergraduate joint degree programs have total of 144 credits and are to be completed in 8-12 semesters.

The curriculum structure for the international program is shown below.

1st Semester

Code Course Credit
ENGE610003 Calculus 4
ENGE610007 Physics (Electric, Magnet, Optic, and Wave) 3
ENGE610008 Physics (Electric, Magnet, Optic, and Wave) Laboratory 1
ENGE610004 Linear Algebra 4
ENEE611001 Introduction to Electrical Engineering 2
ENEE611002 Fundamentals of Digital System and Laboratory 3
UIGE610002 Academic Writing 2
  Subtotal 19

2nd Semester

Code Course Credit
ENGE610005 Physics (Mechanics and Heat) 3
ENGE610006 Physics (Mechanics and Heat) Laboratory  1
ENEE612003 Basic Computer and Laboratory 3
ENEE612004 Probability and Statistics 4
ENEE612005 Vector and Complex Variable Analysis 2
ENEE612006 Electric Circuit 1 3
ENEE612007 Physics of Semiconductor 2
ENEE612008 Engineering Mathematics 4
  Subtotal  22

3rd Semester

Code Course Credit
ENEE613009 Electric Circuit 2 3
ENEE613010 Electric Circuit Laboratory 1
ENEE613011 Signal & Systems 3
ENEE613012 Electromagnetics 4
ENEE613013 Introduction to Telecommunication System 3
ENEE613014 Telecommunication system Laboratory 1
ENEE613015 Electronic Circuits 1 2
ENEE613016 Electronic Circuits Laboratory 1
ENEE613017 Electrical Measurements 2
ENEE613018 Advanced Linear Algebra 2
Subtotal 22

4th Semester

Code Course Credit
ENEE614019 Control Engineering 3
ENEE614020 Control Engineering Laboratory 1
ENEE614021 Electronic Circuits 2 2
ENEE614022 Electrical Measurements Laboratory 1
ENEE614023 Numerical Computation 2
ENEE614024 Electrical Materials 2
ENEE614025 Embedded System 1 3
ENEE614026 Electrical Power Engineering 3
ENEE614027 Electrical Power Engineering Laboratory 1
ENEE614028 Algorithm and Programming 3
Subtotal 21

5th Semester

Code Course Credit
UIGE610005-9 Religion 2
ENEE616029 Modeling and Machine Learning 3
ENEE615030 Embedded System 2 3
ENEE614031 Embedded System Laboratory 1
ENEE613032 Power Electronics and Laboratory 3
ENEE612033 Electric Motor Control System 3
ENEE611034 Wireless Communication and Convergence Networks 3
ENEE610035 Electronic Instrumentation Design  2
  Subtotal 20

6th Semester

Code Course Credit
UIGE610001 Integrated Characteristic Building 5
ENEE616036 Autonomous Vehicle System 3
ENEE616037 Electrical Engineering Project Design 1 2
ENEE616038 Introduction to Nanoelectronics 2
ENEE616039 Electric Power System and Laboratory 3
ENEE616040 Telecommunication System Devices 3
ENEE616041 Internship 2
ENEE616042 Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2
  Subtotal 22

7th Semester

Code Course Credit
ENGE610012 Health, Safety & Environment 2
ENEE617043 Electrical Engineering Project Design 2 3
ENEE617044 Optoelectronic Devices 2
ENEE617045 Pra-Bachelor Thesis 2
  Electives 3
  Subtotal 12

8th Semester

Code Course Credit
ENEE618047 Bachelor Thesis 4
  Electives 2
Subtotal 6
Total 144

More information on the curriculum can be found at:
Also, the information of the international program can be found at this brochure: