Autonomous Control Electronics (ACONICS)

Established in January 2008, Autonomous Control Electronics (ACONICS) Research Group deals with control method and electronics to achieve high performed autonomous system.

The group has been on applications of embedded system for teleoperation robot, motion control with odometry, navigation with gps and inertial measurement unit. And not limited to PC interaction with openGL interface for command and visualization.


Since ACONICS established, the group have been familiar with embedded system not limited to AVR, MCS-51, Hitachi H8, Motorola, and soon FPGA. The experimental platform is not limited to Robot manipulator, Mobile robot, Quad rotor helicopter, Biped robot and Legged robot. Research field is not limited to motion/motor control, sensor integration, navigation, visual tracking, and knowledge based system.

Support Facilities

ACONICS Research Group

  • USB-PC Oscilloscope
    • Hantek DSO 2550, 100MHz, 250MS/s with 0.5MB buffer
    • Picoscope 3204B, 60MHz 500MS/s with 8MB buffer + with freq spectrum + function generator
  • Portable Oscilloscope
    • 20MHz
    • 60MHz portable multiscope + function generator
  • Logic/protocol Analyzer
  • General digital multimeter : Voltage meter, Amper meter, Frequency/Duty cycle meter, Acoustic meter, Lux meter, LCR meter, Tachometer
  • Measurement board PCI based (Counter board, DA board, I/O board)
  • Stinger, tracked wheel robot, robot manipulator
  • i-sobot remote controlled biped robot and programmable wireless biped robot
  • KHR programmable wireless biped robot in collaboration with Prof. Benyamin Kusomoputro
  • Microcontroller boards : Hitachi H8-3052 (5 kit + 1 lan based), AVR-ATMEGA, Motorola, Freescale Kinetis, Roboard, Raspberry PI, Beagle Board, STM32F4
  • Two remote controlled helicopter
  • ArDrone quadrotor version 1.0 and 2.0
  • 2 unit quadrotor
  • Motor/Actuator
    • Motor servo : 11set titanium gear, 14 metal gear, 16 metal gear micro servo
    • DC motors
    • Stepper motor
    • Brushless motor
    • Pump DC motors
    • etc.
  • Sensor :
    • infrared based (GP) proximity and distance sensor
    • ultrasonic based (PING) distance sensor
    • IMU (3-axis accelerator and 2-axis gyro)
    • 3-axis accelerator
    • 2-axis gyro
    • compass
    • rotary sensors : incremental encoders (optical 2500ppm and mechanical 96ppm), resistance based

Control Laboratory

  • Experimental room
  • 5DOF serial manipulator
  • PLC
  • Drill workshop

Electrical Engineering Department

  • High-end Digital Oscilloscope (Textronix) – hibah from Pertamina
  • High-end Frequency Spectrum (Textronix) – hibah from Pertamina

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