Research Groups

Research Groups

Research groups have been established during the last five years. Some even managed to acquire research funding from either government projects or the industry such as URGE, RUT, and PLN. Moreover, a constructive discussion is being performed to promote research centers in the department. In order to conduct their research, these research groups have an immediate access to laboratories in the department.

There are many research groups in the Department of Electrical Engineering:

1. Antenna propagation and Microwave (AMRG)

2. High Voltage and Current (HVCRG)

3. Mobile Communication (MCRG)

4. Opto Electronics and Remote Sensing (OPRES)

5. Pervasive Computing System (PCSRG)

6. Real – Time Measurement and Control (RTMC)

7. Sensor Device Research Group (SDRG)

8. Wireless and Signal Processing (WASP)

9. Multimedia computing Research Group (MERGE)

10. Center of Research on Internet of Things (CERIOT)

11. Autonomous Control Electronics (ACONICS)

12. Electric Power and Energy Studies (EPES)

13. Mobile Communication Research Group

14. Micro-nano Electro-Mechanical System Research Group (MinaEMS RG)

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